Los Angeles Dodgers Promotion before All Star Break

Best Los Angeles Dodgers

Player Summary: Please check our article about Yasiel Puig to find out more about him. Here is the link http://www.12-

Los Angeles Dodgers

Why I picked him: As you have read Puig has been tearing it up this year after being called up less than a month ago. After being called up he has lead the Dodger’s charge up the standings. This shirt might be my favorite one so far. I personally love white t-shirts, until the get dirty, because of the contrast and sharpness they can bring. The blue 66 pops and is the first thing I see every time I look at this shirt. This shirt is also great because of the lack of flag desecration which is ALWAYS a PLUS. I also love how the shirt has Puig on it along with ‘Puig Factor’. I’m also surprised that the Dodgers didn’t make their logo bigger instead of sticking it between the 6′s. Personally I would’ve made ‘Puig Factor’ in red for a big contrast and pop but then again it might take away from Puig. It is going to be a collectors item especially if Puig changes his number at the end of the season because most players don’t have numbers in the 60′s.

When it will be available: Sunday July 14th


Los Angeles Dodgers

9 out of 10


Item Summary: It’s an arm sleeve.

Why I picked it: At least it’s not a gnome, but it  still is pretty bad. I mean I understand that kids see the players wearing arm sleeves

Los Angeles Dodgers Arm Sleeve

and want to wear them but they don’t really help they just look kind of cool sometimes. They get it right in putting the logo at the bottom where the Marlins put it in the center. But kids aren’t going to wear them regularly, they are just going to wear them at their games. Again I say they aren’t going to look good on team with other colors than blue, red, white and maybe orange. What happens if a kid wears it on a team called the Padres or Giants or Angles? I mean come on. I know they want their brand out their but it’s not worth it if you put your logo on something that kids aren’t going to wear. Teams used to give away tattoo sleeves and I got one of them and I wore it for the game if that and then it got thrown into a bin never to be seen again. The Los Angeles Dodgers should save their money on players or better promotions and not an arm sleeve. For the price of the ticket I could buy a non generic one that I could match to my team colors.

When it will be available: Sunday June 9th


Los Angeles Dodgers

3 out of 10

(Photos from:http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/schedule/promotions.jsp?c_id=la)

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