Arizona Diamondbacks Promotion before All Star Break

Best Arizona Diamondbacks

Player Summary: Aaron Hill was amazing last year at times and other times he was just okay. Last year he hit .302 with 85 RBI’s and

Arizona Diamondbacks

Aaron Hill bobblehead

2 cycles, yes 2. I guess you could call it a bi-cycle. Aaron Hill is one of the better players in Arizona because of Justin Upton’s departure to Atlanta. This year though Hill has been injured and only been in 17 games so he hasn’t been that big of a player yet. With the addition of Hill the Diamondbacks will be hard to beat. The pitching is phenomenal this year along with the hitting of Paul Goldschmidt. Hill should and will be a valuable addition.

Why I picked it: Aaron Hill has been rock steady in Arizona the last three or so years and also how many times do players hit two cycles in a year. The bobbleheadgets it correct in every aspect. As you can see in this picture the jersey, pants helmet, stains are all accurate. Great job Arizona! Hill also wears black shoes with a touch of whatever you call that color, brick?. I can’t tell if they did that but I assume they did. The negatives for this bobblehead are there is not base which would be cool because he did hit the cycle, and the helmet looks small, like really small. Also some lucky fans might receive this puppy.

When it will be available: Saturday June 8th.


Arizona Diamondbacks

8 out of 10


Player Summary: Wade Miley broke out in 2012 with 16 wins in 29 starts. He also had a

Arizona Diamondbacks

Wade Miley Gnome

3.33 ERA which is great for most pitches especially if it’s your first full year. This year on the other hand Miley has 4 wins in 17 starts with a 4.29 ERA so there is improvement needed. If Miley can get back on track and help out the pitching staff there is no reason why the Diamondbacks can’t win the division.

Why I picked it: Seriously another gnome. Who in their right mind comes up with these ideas? Who want’s a gnome? I understand that Miley is a great player but shouldn’t he get a bobblehead instead? The Arizona Diamondbacks have had other terrible promotions this year also, but those are for other articles and for other days. But come on now stop with the gnomes. I’m fine with the baseball and what appears to be a gun but the text is to small on the jersey and the gave is too something. Miley is much paler. I just don’t know why they can’t put it in bobbleheadform instead of these stupid gnomes.

When it will be available: Saturday April 27


Arizona Diamondbacks

4 out of 10


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