Atlanta Braves Promotion before All Star Break


Atlanta Braves

Dale Murphy Bobblehead

Player Summary: To start things off I chose Dale Murphy as the great promotion for the NL east leading Atlanta Braves. Some might be wondering who Dale Murphy and why haven’t you heard of him. Well, Dale Murphy played with in Atlanta from 1976-1990 and was arguably one of the best players during his time. He started out as a bench riding catcher and then was moved to first base where he lead the National League in errors. It was not until he began to play the outfield where his career took off.  After the moved to the outfield he became  a 7 time All-Star, 2 time MVP and 5 time Gold Glover. Quite a career!
Why I Picked Him:  I picked this Atlanta Braves promotion as great. First off the Braves have had few promotions so far this year, so it was a toss up between him and Freddy Freeman. I liked Dale better, because of the baby blue uniforms. Now don’t get me wrong they can look like pajamas but they are aesthetically pleasing to me. The rich royal blue stirrups are also a nice touch, especially since he used to wear them. Another great addition with the one batting glove. A minus for the blueshoes because to my knowledge he wore black shoes. Also if you’re going to do the plate please include the box.
When it will be availableThursday July 11th

8 out of 10

8 out of 10



Atlanta Braves

B.J. Upton Bobblehead

 Player Summary: B.J. Upton has been one of the biggest disappointments this season for the Atlanta Braves.  After being signed to a 5 year $75.25 Million dollar salary he is hitting .170 with 75 strikeouts in 64 games. On top of that his brother Justin Upton is out preforming him on every level, and isn’t getting a bobble head.
Why I Picked Him: He’s been under-preforming in every aspect of the game and it was even rumored that the Atlanta Braves were going to send him down to the minors. Now wouldn’t that be a sight, a promotion for a player down in the minors. I know they had high hopes for him but having a bobble head your first year with the club is a little much. Also it doesn’t even look like him, his skin is supposed to be darker.
When it will be available: Thursday June 20th


2 out of 10

2 out of 10

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