Baltimore Orioles Promotion before All Star Break

Best Baltimore Orioles

Player Summary: Chris Davis has been playing at MVP level this year. Davis is hitting .324 which is .055 up from his career.269.

Baltimore Orioles

Chris “Crush” Davis T-Shirt

He also has 33 home runs and 85 RBI’s, which if you are a fan of projections, is on pace for 61 home runs and 156 RBI’s. He also was the leading vote getter for the All Star game. Davis has been a monster this year and truly shows in his numbers and votes received. For more on Davis here is a short video.

Why I Picked It:  As you can see Chris Davis has been great for the Baltimore Orioles. So why not reward him with a t-shirt? I love this t-shirt. As you may have read in one of the previous promotion articles I considered myself a t-shirt expert. For starters it’s hard to find orange t-shirts so it’s cool the Baltimore Orioles used orange. I love the image on the back of Davis getting a hit with his swing that got him into the All Star Game.  I’m not a big fan of the front design but it’s decent. 

When it will be available: Wednesday May 20th


Baltimore Orioles

8 out of 10


Item Summary: Another t-shirt

Orioles logo T-Shirt

Orioles logo T-Shirt

Why I Picked It:  Although it’s not a flag themed it’s still bad. If you’d like my opinion of the flag style here it is I agree with everything still and it goes for camouflage also. I understand it’s supposed to be cool and will sell more but really. I mean let the troops wear camouflage and let the MLB players do their job. If the players want to wear camouflage they can fly over and meet and talk with the troops. It also is beyond me how they made the Canadian team wear USA camoflauge. Come on MLB and various franchises.

When it will be available: Friday June 14th


4 out of 10

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