Cincinnati Reds Promotion before All Star Break

Best Cincinnati Reds

Person Summary: Mat Latos of the Cincinnati Reds is arguably their best starting pitcher. He was originially drafted in the 11th

Cincinnati Reds

round in 2006 by the Padres.  While with San Diego he was 2 games under .500 and it looked like he was going to be an average pitcher at most. The Cincinnati Reds then acquired Mat Latos from the San Diego Padres before the 2012 season. That same year he posted a 17-4 record while leading the Cincinnati Reds to a division championship. So far this year he has a 7-1 record, a 3.05 ERA and 100 Strike Outs. Latos has become the number one starter and the ace of the staff in only his 5th year in the league.

Why I Picked Him: Latos has become the ace of the staff for the Cincinnati Reds and will continue to be until he moves on to another team. The big thing I like about the bobblehead is the detail that went into making it. As many of you may know Latos is a full of tattoos and the bobblehead does have them, although you might not be able to see them in the picture provided. Here’s a better view. The bobblehead also got the Cincinnati Reds uniforms correct, numbers on the right, logo on the left, stripes and all. They also nailed the hat with the slight tilt to the left and the Nike glove, although his logo is grey not white. The head actually looks like him unlike some bobbleheads *cough BJ Upton cough*.

When it will be available: Wednesday June 5th


Cincinnati Reds

8 out of 10


Item Summary: A Cincinnati Red’s T-shirt. That’s it nothing more.

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds T-Shirt

Why I Picked It: First of all I would like to say that I fancy myself as a T-shirt expert. You might ask what my qualifications are, well I

have a collection of over 50 sports related t-shirts alone and I design t-shirts for I love getting new t-shirts and usually get one for every city/college/team I visit.  This shirt should have never been made. Who ever decided to come up with this shirt should never be asked again. Who in their right mind thinks that putting a flag design inside a teams uniforms logo is a smart and isn’t desecrating the flag. I get it you want to show your American but really this is how you show it. I know it’s about money for the MLB and new innovations but don’t ever do that again. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind if they weren’t worn during the games. It becomes an eye sore especially with the camo uniforms they had this year. Why Cincinnati, just why?

When it will be available:  Saturday July 6th


Cincinnati Reds

2 out of 10


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