Colorado Rockies Promotion before All Star Break

Best Colorado Rockies

Player Summary: Larry Walker was one of the best hitter of his time and a key to the offense in Colorado. While in Colorado he almost always

Colorado Rockies

Larry Walker Bobblehead

hit over .300 every season. During his best years with Colorado his highest average was .379 and the most home runs he hit was 49. From 1995 to 2003 he led the Colorado Rockies to 1 Wild Card, but that’s probably because of the poor pitching and lack of offence from other players. In 2004 he was traded to St. Louis for Chris Narveson, who would eventually be claimed on waivers in 2006 by the Cardinals, and Luis Martinez, who never turned out to be a big leaguer. Walker helped the lethal Cardinals offense to the World Series where they got swept by the Boston Red Sox.

Why I Picked Him: Larry Walker was one of my favorite players because of his power and ability to hit for high averages. This bobblehead captures the flowing hair that he had and that I remember before he shaved it. It also captures the swing even if it does look a little weird. I’m surprised they didn’t go with this. The Colorado Rockies got the uniform absolutely correct. Correct pinstripes, colors, logo, shoes gloves, shinguard, sleeves. The only thing that I don’t like is the bat, it’s too small and should be lighter. Also why don’t they put the plate on the stand to make it more realistic. Also if you haven’t heard as a part of the 20th anniversary the Rockies will be giving out 9 different bobbleheads this year.

When it will be available: Sunday June 30th


Colorado Rockies

8 out of 10


Item Summary: It’s a hat folks.

Colorado Rockies

Rockies Hat

Why I Picked It: Who ever designed this hat must have been on something. because it looks really ugly. Who in their right mind would make a hat look like that? It’s like the guy who made it was like I want the children that are getting this hat to get headaches when looking at it. I like the purple but those lines are just an eyesore and give me a headache. Why don’t they put their third logo on the hat because the MLB is so insistent in making teams wear their BP Jerseys and BP Hats for games. I mean some of those hats and jerseys are cool and all but keep them for batting practice but that’s another article. Then what’s up with the two CR logos on the side of the cap? Who decided it would be a good idea to put a logo over a logo where you can’t even see one clearly? I think the Colorado Rockies were trying to reach out to their younger fan base but that hat won’t reach out to them.

When it will be available: Sunday June 9th


Colorado Rockies

2 out of 10

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