Miami Marlins Promotion before All Star Break

Great Miami Marlins

Player Summary: Juan Pierre is one of the only big named players on Miami besides Ricky Nolasco and Giancarlo Stanton,

Miami Marlins

Juan Pierre Bobblehead

so it fits that he gets his own bobblehead. Pierre broke into the league with the Colorado Rockies 13 years ago, where he played 3 seasons from 2000-2002 before being traded to the Florida Marlins. It was in Florida where he broke out. In 2003 he posted a .305 batting average and 65 stolen bases, wow! He helped lead the Marlins to their second ever World Series the same year. He then was eventually traded to the Chicago Cubs for the 2006 and now after 7 years he is back in Miami with the Miami Marlins, with 600 stolen bases. 
Why I picked him: Juan is a phenomenal player and should be celebrated. I think the bobblehead will look great, well maybe. It really depends on what the Marlins do with it. Since it is a bobblehead for the 20th season of the Marlins franchise they could go retro with the old Florida Marlins uniform, in which case I would love. They could also go new school to keep the Miami Marlins brand intact. Who knows? Another great question is, did the Miami Marlins specially target him in free agency just so they could have this promotion?
When it will be available: Sunday June 30th

Miami Marlins

5 out of 10



Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton Sleeve

Player Summary:  Giancarlo Stanton broke into the majors with a bang in 2010 with the Florida Marlins hitting 22 home runs. He hasn’t slowed down since hitting over 30 home runs the last two seasons, even with injuries. Giancarlo is the face of the franchise that had very high expectations before the third fire sale in franchise history, but this time it came before a World Series. Now there are rumors that the Pittsburgh Pirates are interested in Stanton to help the meek offence. Time will tell. 
Why I picked it:  Giancarlo always wears an orange sleeve while playing, but just a plain orange sleeve. The Miami Marlins had to go the extra mile and put their logo, and Stanton’s name on the sleeve. If they wanted to make it look nice put the logo at the bottom of the sleeve, where the hand would be, and put the name at the top of the sleeve next to the white part that says sports. Also kids aren’t going to wear these sleeves wherever they go, they are only going to wear them during their own sports games. Now who wants a kid running around the soccer field, basketball court, football field, and any other sport other than baseball in a jersey that is the the complete opposite color of orange, wearing a sleeve with a baseball players name on it? I don’t want that. For the price of the tickets to get the promotion, you could probably go to the store and get a sleeve that is  your team color and is plain.
When it will be available: Sunday June 2nd


Miami Marlins

3 out of 10

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