Milwaukee Brewers Promotion before All Star Break

Best Milwaukee Brewers Promotion

Player Summary: Former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman George Scott was the best first baseman the organization had before

Milwaukee Brewers

George Scott Bobblehead

Prince Fielder came along. Scott was a first baseman who spent 5 years in Milwaukee from 1972-1976, when Milwaukee was part of the American League. Scott also won five gold gloves while in Milwaukee, while claiming the AL home run and RBI crowns in 1975.

Why I Picked Him: As you have read Scott was a force to be reckoned with and it benefited the Brewers. The Brewers also get all the minute details right. My favorite part is Scott’s muttonchops and how accurate they are. They get the sharp uniforms correct with the blue letters outlined in yellow, the “M”, the blue and yellow Adidas cleats, and the blue stirrups, which I think Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch appreciates. I also love how they add the five gold gloves he won while in Milwaukee.  Those jerseys have my favorite color scheme by the Milwaukee Brewers blue and yellow, not the navy and gold they wear now. They only downside to this bobblehead is that a couple teams are doing/have done the same thinghereherehere, and here.

When it will be available: Sunday April 21st


Milwaukee Brewers

9 out of 10




Player Summary: Ryan Braun is the Brewers offence with 211 home runs and 679 RBI’s in the last 7 years. It seems like just the

Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Braun

other day that he was a rookie being called up. Braun won the NL MVP back in 2011 amid controversy on his failed drug test. He won the appeal and has been playing since but the chatter has not stopped. A month or so ago the MLB received information that he used performance enhancing substances from Biogenesis. Now it looks like he will be suspended for at least 50 games if not 100.

Why I Picked Him: This is a terrible bobblehead. The Milwaukee Brewers messed up big time, not only could the face of the franchise be suspend but he also has to have a bobblehead that doesn’t look like him. I mean the jersey, helmet, gloves are all accurate but the player is messed up both on the field and the bobblehead. What a shame to see these younger players using illegal substances to help the team because they know the penalty isn’t that harsh.

When it will be available: Sunday May 26th


Milwaukee Brewers

1 out of 10

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