National League Promotions Recap

National League Promotions Recap

Here are my final rankings for the National League Promotions. If you want to see my in depth examination just click on the TEAM NAME.(I did not see the Washington Nationals Promotions when I wrote their article so I suggested some things instead) Stay tuned for the start of the American League. Leave a comment to be entered into our random prize drawing at the end of the month.

 Ranking  Team  Misc. 
 15.  Washington Nationals   2 promotions? Really? Even after a division title? I would think that they would have more promotions especially with Harper and Strasburg.
 14.  Pittsburgh Pirates  Best record in baseball and only have had 2 promotions both T-shirts.
 13.  Miami Marlins  Well I mean they tried…
 12.  San Diego Padres  Not a surprise, so underwhelming for an underwhelming franchise and branding.
 11. Atlanta Braves  Just too few promotions to compete with the other teams. It also doesn’t help that one of their bobbleheads is of a struggling B.J. Upton.
 10.  Colorado Rockies  Very inconsistent. They have great promotions one day and then a terrible one the next.
 9. Milwaukee Brewers  They have a lot of good ones a couple great ones and a couple terrible ones.
 8. Arizona Diamondbacks  Not liking the flag desecration aka the Stars and Stripes theme.
 7. Cincinnati Reds Heads.
 6. Philadelphia Phillies  Tails. It’s a tossup between these two.
5. Chicago Cubs   Really digging the Harry Caray Statue. Keep it up!
 4.  San Francisco Giants  You’d think the World Champions would have better giveaways, I guess not.
 3.  New York Mets  Although they put a bad team on the field they manage to put a good item in the fans’ hands.
 2.  Los Angeles Dodgers  Blew me away with the depth and quality of promotions.
1. St. Louis Cardinals Just a classy organization giving away classy items.


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