New York Yankees Promotion before All Star Break

Why I Picked It: I’m not a big fan of the Yankees. I think they are overrated and just win because

New York Yankees

Yankees 1998 World Series Ring

they spend an exorbitant amount of money on players. That being said I really dig this promotion. I love when teams give out World Series Ring like the St. Louis Cardinals did this year (2006) and last (2011 twice!). Even though they aren’t made out of gold and don’t have real diamonds I still love them. It captures the feeling of winning and plus they look really cool. The only problem I have with Championship Rings is that they make them the largest possible size which means little kids or people with skinny fingers can’t wear them. I also think it would be cool if Tiffany and Co. made the rings because they designed the New York Yankees logo if I’m not mistaken.

When it will be available: Sunday May 5th


New York Yankees

9 out of 10


Item Summary: Is it a jersey? NO. Is it a key chain? NO. Is it a air freshener?????? YES.

New York Yankees

Yankees Air Freshener

Why I Picked It: Would you like an air freshener as a giveaway? I rest my case. It’s going to be worn out in a month tops. What scent does it have? Scent of Wet Grass. Scent of Dirt. Scent of used Jock Straps. Sent of Worn Cleats. Scent of Concession Stands. I mean come on. The only plus to this is if a person around you smells so you can take it out and hang it near them so you don’t smell them. If someone reading this gets this promotion could you please tell me what it smells like and if it was worth wile going to the game just for that.  The New York Yankees made a big mistake having this as a promotion.

When it will be available: Thursday July 11th 


New York Yankees

1 out of 10

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