Philadelphia Phillies Promotion before All Star Break


Philadelphia Phillies

Carlos Ruiz Bobblehead

Player Summary:  Carlos Ruiz has been steady in the Philadelphia Phillies lineup, besides the suspension for a prohibited substance. Ruiz is a lifetime .274 hitter with 301 RBI’s. Ruiz has been with the Phillies the past 7 years. Although he might not be the best catcher in the game he still gets it done day in and day out.

Why I Picked Him: First of all I think this bobblehead looks really sharp. I have always been a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies alternate home jerseys. I love the red embroidered logo with the touch of the blue stars to dot the ‘i’s’ and then to top it off the blue hat with the red brim. It’s one of the best alternate jerseys, in my opinon. I’m not a big fan of the cream color, but it could be worse. The cool thing about this giveaway also commemorates the 1,000,000th bobblehead given away, pretty cool! The Philadelphia Phillies also will have all 27 bobbleheads from 2001-2013 on display. They got most of the details correct but I’m pretty sure he wears red and white batting gloves not red and blue, correct me if I’m wrong. Also I would assume that they wore theiralternate jersey that day, but they might not.  I do have a bone to pick with it though, Ruiz is a good player and all but why would you have a promotion for him just after he got done being suspended? It just doesn’t make sense. I would’ve also liked to see him in catcher gear. I guess they already did thatthough, and that looked terrible so why do that again. Overall the Philadelphia Phillies did a good job with the promotion.

When it will be available: Tuesday June 4th

Philadelphia Phillies

6 out of 10



Philadelphia Phillies

Ryan Howard Wiffle Ball Set

Item Summary: Just a typical wiffle ball set except now it has Ryan Howard’s signature on it.It’s not really anything special.
Why I Picked it: I don’t really think that it’s something to go to the ballpark just to get like some other promotions. It’s not one of the promotions that I would circle on my calender just so I could get. Also, whenever I play wiffle ball I end up losing one of the balls or denting the ball or doing both. I mean the Philadelphia Phillies couldn’t afford to  pay for three balls in the set, come on! Also this is a great giveaway for little kids that would want to use it right away or even better that just start hitting their siblings with it. I just have the feeling like it could turn into this. I think it’s a terrible idea, especially to give to little kids before the game where they could hit people with the items. Either they should have given them away while the kids were exiting the stadium or just not have the promotion. I’m sure some people would even buy it the Philadelphia Phillies sold them in their store.
When it will be available: Sunday April 7th


Philadelphia Phillies

2 out of 10


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