Pittsburgh Pirates Promotion before All Star Break

Best Pittsburgh Pirates 

Item Summary: Just a regular t-shirt, but with  Andrew McCutchen front and center

Pittsburgh Pirates

Andrew McCutchen Shirt

Why I Picked It: The Pirates have had a few promotions before the All Star Break, and half of them are T-Shirts. It came down to what shirt would I wear more often and that is the grey McCutchen shirt. Not only does it have the face of the franchise on the shirt but it also has one of the nicest swings in the game on the shirt. Although the shirt is nice I would’ve liked it more if it was black and McCutchen was outlined in black. In all I think that the Pittsburgh Pirates could have done a lot better.
When it will be available:Friday June 28th

Pittsburgh Pirates

7 out of 10


Item Summary: Again another t-shirt but this time it’s mustard yellow, oh how great!

Pittsburgh Pirates

Mustard Yellow Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt

Why I Picked It: I just don’t like it. I don’t like the mustard yellow color and how it’s over powering and I also don’t like how the font is on the side, but it isn’t the worst of the season. I’ll live with it. If I went to the game and got one of the shirts I wouldn’t wear it again unless I went to a ‘yellow out’ or to use it as a terrible towel at a Steelers game. Pittsburgh Pirates you need to up your promotion game, you have a great team on the field I’m sure more people would want to come if you had great promotions, or if you had more than 4 the first half. I know you want to save money because your a small market team but really some people go just for the promotions and you are depriving them.

When it will be available: Friday July 12th

Pittsburgh Pirates

4 out of 10

(Photos from:http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/schedule/promotions.jsp?c_id=pit)

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