San Diego Padres Promotion before All Star Break

Great San Diego Padres

Player Summary: Case Headley has been the star and face of the Padres. The Padres lack an identity and are just a bland team but Headley

San Diego Padres

Chase Headley Bobblehead

provides a face, although it’s not enough. Last year he took off hitting 31 home runs and batting .286  in one of the biggest pitchers park, especially since New York and Seattle just moved their fences in. Headley won the Silver Slugger award last year although it didn’t help the San Diego Padres who finished 18 games back of the eventual World Champions San Francisco Giants.

Why I Picked Him: Headley has provided a face to the bland  San Diego Padres franchise. The first player I think of when I think of Padres is Headley. Does Cameron Maybin play for them? I have no clue. The only players I know are Headley and Marquis and that’s just because Marquis played in St. Louis a few years ago. This bobblehead gets all the uniform details down, blue undershirt barely coming out of the jersey, white batting gloves, black shin guard. I also like the nice detail of the Silver Slugger Bat and it’s the proportional to the body.The only problem I have with the jersey is that it looks like they chose the camouflage  that is inside the jersey, but I may be wrong. I understand one of the Marine bases is in San Diego and that they have military days where they come out and watch games, but I don’t think having camouflage jerseys is beneficial.

When it will be available: Saturday April 13th


San Diego Padres

7 out of 10


Item: San Diego Padres road jersey

Terrible Padres

San Diego Padres Road Jersey

Why I Picked It: Don’t get me wrong I love jerseys and I love collecting them but the Padres shouldn’t give theirs away. First off their jersey is the worst among all the National League teams because they don’t have an identity. Their logo is generic along with their secondary logos. The Padres need a major make over, whether they get a new logo or if they get new colors or use their old colors I don’t really mind it will better than what they have now. Their first logo had unique colors: Brown and Yellow. Then they replaced yellow withorange. Then came a different set of colors: Orange and navy blue. Then came less originality with navy blue and tan, although it does represent San Diego beaches. Then they just said, “Forget the system; Let’s just remove all originality whatsoever!” The original Brooklyn Nets.What’s worse is that they are using the road grays. ROAD GRAYS. They didn’t use the whites where they wear at HOME where they are giving the promotion out but rather a road jersey.

When it will be available: Sunday June 1st


San Diego Padres

2 out of 10


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