San Francisco Giants Promotion before All Star Game

Best San Francisco Giants

Player Summary: Buster Posey is the reigning NL MVP and for good reason. Last year was his first year back from his broken leg  and he

San Francisco Giants

Buster PoseyBobblehead

did phenomenal. He hit .336 with 24 home runs and 103 RBI’s which is a great season for any player but particularly impressive for a player coming back from a broken leg. He is rapidly establishing himself as an All Star Catcher and possibly the best in the game.

Why I Picked It: Personally I like Buster Posey on and off the field. I think the Giants got the uniform spot on,  you can see here. They got the hat correct, although the ‘SF’ logo is a little dark, jersey, although the sleeves stripes are a little big, and the pants. I also love the touch of the awards that are stuck around. For those that don’t know Posey won the Silver Slugger, MVP, NL Hank Aaron Award, and the comeback player of the year. The only downside to the bobble head is that the face somewhat resembles him. I don’t know how they could go to all the work in detailing the awards and uniform and then put a generic face on top. Also why don’t they ever put the catchers in their gear. I think it would be great depending on the amount of detail they put in the jersey. I mean after all he is a catcher and this bobblehead shows no sign that he is a catcher but rather just a player. If I didn’t know anything about baseball I wouldn’t have a clue what position he played.

When it will be available: Saturday April 6th


San Francisco Giants

7 out of 10


 Player Summary: Sergio Romo became the Giants closer after Brian Wilson went down last year and needed his second

San Francisco Giants

Sergio Romo Gnome

Tommy John surgery. Romo lead the charge in the post season with 9 saves in 10 appearances. Romo is now the full time closer and has 19 saves in 34 appearances with a 2.32 ERA. Romo has been the shutdown closer that the Giants are used to because of Brian Wilson.

Why I Picked It: ANOTHER GNOME?????? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??????? If you’d like to read my reaction to other gnomes you can read them here,here,  and here. I don’t feel like wasting my time on yet another gnome by the San Francisco Giants.

When it will be available: Sunday May 5th


San Fransico Giants

4 out of 10


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