St. Louis Cardinals Promotions before All Star Break

Best St. Louis Cardinals

Item Summary: The St. Louis Cardinals hit a home run with this promotion and almost all the others. The harmonic yet simple is

St. Louis Cardinals

Stan Musial Harmonica

powerful. The harmonica was something that Stan Musial loved to play and did it quite well. It was a total class move by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Why I picked it: This harmonica represents so much. It shows that Stan was an all around guy, he was athletic, musical, compassionate and so many other great qualities.Stan was the kind of individual that always was there for you and actually cared about you. He was a fantastic human being and meant a lot to the St. Louis Cardinals organization.

When it will be available: Friday April 12th




St. Louis Cardinals

10 out of 10


Item Summary: The bobblehead is of Mike Shannon sitting at his broadcasting desk

St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Shannon Bobblehead

like he has for the last 40 plus years. When you

tap the baseball on the desk the bobblehead retells his call from Game 6 in the 2011 World Series against the Rangers.

Why I picked it: Mike Shannon is a decent broadcaster but not as good as Jack Buck or Harry Caray. The St. Louis Cardinals get it right when they include the yoga ball he usually sits on while broadcasting, but the call is over used. I love the Cardinals but I feel like the call is over played. I mean it was a great comeback when David Freese hit the triple to tie it up and then eventually the home run to win it but that’s in the past. I know it’s a nice to relive memories but the Cardinals need to be focusing on this year instead of reliving 2 years ago. I would’ve preferred some of Mike Shannon’s sayings instead. The bobblehead is pretty good in capturing the likeness of Shannon though. And for all you that love the game six call and reliving the 2011 World Series here is a great video, I promise no Rick Rolls.

When it will be available: Friday July 5th




St. Louis Cardinals

5 out of 10

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