Tampa Bay Rays Promotion before All Star Break

Best Tampa Bay Rays

Player Summary:  Evan Longoria is the third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays. In five years of playing with the Rays he has 506

Tampa Bay Rays

Evan Longoria Bobblehead

RBI’s (100 a season) and he has a .277 average. Although it’s not that impressive, it gets the job done. This year Longoria already has 50 RBI’s with a .285 average. Although he isn’t an All Star, he has been for the past couple of years and might continue to be.

Why I Picked Him: I’m not a big fan of the Tampa Bay Rays. I don’t think they are any thing special and think that they are overrated. Yes they do win without big name players but with a lack luster AL East it helps. Yes I did say the AL East is lack luster and that’s simply because the Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays are all under preforming and it just so happens that the Rays have put a decent stretch together. Also it’s because of the poor quality stadium they play in (if you don’t believe me click here.  (click the 75%- 100% tab)) Even after that I think this bobblehead is pretty slick. The face kind of reminds me of the MAD kid. Longoria has a gap but it’s not that big. I love the baby blue and navy blue look for the fauxback. It has glaring similarities to the  San Diego Padres uniforms circa 1978. Pants, Font, Hat, Jersey.  The Rays nailed the bobblehead and I like touch of the ball and glove. The left arm looks a little weird but oh well.

When it will be available: Saturday July 6th


Tampa Bay Rays

8 out of 10


Item Summary:  A cat as a DJ in a snow globe.

Tampa Bay Rays

DJ Kitty Snow Globe

Why I picked it: The Tampa Bay Rays have some terrible promotions this year, well at least before the break. This is the cherry on the top. All I can say is What the he**.

When it will be available: Sunday July 14th 


Tampa Bay Rays

1 out of 10

(Photos from: http://tampabay.rays.mlb.com/schedule/promotions.jsp?c_id=tb&y=2013)

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