Giants, Cubs, Sox


Over the past 3 weeks I’ve been a busy man flying around the United States for various things. I got the chance to fly San Francisco Giantsout to California, San Francisco to be specific, and hang out with my Aunt and Uncle for a week. I won’t go into the details of what we did, but I can say it was a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I only bring this up because I went to go see the San Francisco Giants playing the Chicago Cubs, and it was Marco Scutaro t-shirt jersey give away day. (they only give out size xl) We got to the stadium an hour early so my Aunt and Uncle made sure I got a t-shirt. I luckily got a shirt and wore it on my way home. Although I’m not a Giants fan, I’m a Cardinals fan through and through, I still wore it to St. Louis coming home even with Jim Edmonds sitting in front of me. AT&T park became the 5th ballpark (Cardinals, Brewers, Royals, White Sox) I’ve visited. I can say it’s one my favorite, besides Busch. As I always do I got a Giants orange brimmed 59-Fifty hat.  ( I do have a Nationals and Rockies hat although I haven’t visited due to personal reasons.) The t-shirt matches the hat nicely because both are black.  The t-shirt has black letters that are outlined in Orange and Gold (for the World Series win). For those wondering the Giants do no wear black, so that’s unfortunate.I give the promotion a 5 out of 10.   I loved it and would definitely go back. Also try the garlic fries.

White Sox

Chicago White SoxI flew home and then drove up to Chicago the next day. My Aunt, on my dad’s side, got tickets to go see a C2ST presentation about the physics of baseball. The Chicago White Sox were gracious enough to lend a room for the presentation. I’m not going to go full detail because I’d probably get half of it wrong, but if you’d like here is a link to see an earlier presentation. Here’s his website also: I definitely encourage you to look at it. The cool thing about this presentation was that they let you go onto the field, besides the grass, for a whole hour. I went to a game there but I never got to see the ball park that thoroughly, any for that matter. There were no promotions or giveaways and I already got my hat, but it was still fun. This is also up there for one of my favorite parks.


The next day my dad treated us the Cubs vs. Dodgers game at Wrigley. Although I have been to Chicago many times I Chicago Cubsnever got the chance to go to Wrigley. We got to the field about an hour early and received a promotion. It was a baseball card album and a pack of cards. It’s a cool promotion, especially since there are like 5 different days that you have to go to get all the cards. I would’ve probably enjoyed it more if I were a Cubs fan. The game was long and one sided so we left after the seventh inning stretch. I liked Wrigley but I wouldn’t go back to the stadium unless the St. Louis Cardinals were playing them. I might retract that when Wrigley finally updates the stadium. We sat up high as you can see the picture but it was cool that it’s not really that far away, like there were balls hit up into the 500 sections. I also noticed there was a net on the ceiling which I though was so the sea gulls wouldn’t nest and drop poop everywhere but my dad told me that it was to catch part of the ceiling if it fell. This made the 6th ballpark I visited and I didn’t pick up a Cubs hat but that’s because I picked up one when I was in eighth grade.  I will try and put up a gallery of my photos from the various ball parks I’ve visited.

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