St. Louis Rams

Over the past few years the St. Louis Rams haven’t been a contender, much less being over .500. With the departure The Longsof Steven Jackson and need to bring in fans the Rams released the promotional schedule. Although most aren’t ideal, like the hashtag shirt and eye black there are two that really stand out to me. Those are the Jake and Chris Long figurines that connect. It almost makes it necessary to go to both games so they connect and you don’t have half of the St. Louis Rams head. From the picture I can’t tell how accurate the jerseys are but the helmets don’t look that well designed. I think the tattoos are pretty accurate on both but I have yet to see the promotion up close and personal. I think this is step in the right direction for the St. Louis Rams, and hopefully the play on the field demonstrates that. If I had to change one thing on the figurines it would be the jerseys. I personally love these, but the Rams haven’t worn  White on White and Blue on Blue, to my knowledge, since 2011. Just checked they do have the combinations for those jerseys, but I don’t know when the last time they wore those combinations. Maybe it shows the Rams will be wearing the all white against the Jaguars ( Jake Long Figurine Day) , and all blue against the Buccaneers (Chris Long Figurine Day). But from what I’ve seen of the Rams I’m excited and even more excited for these promotions.

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