Finger Bling

As hockey season approaches one team is making strides to bring fans in and rewarding them at the same time. The Winterhawks Ring Portland Winterhawks of the WHL are offering a replica championship ring to season tickets holders.  This is not only a smart move but also one of the best in terms of all of sports. Most season ticket holders of any are offered few opportunities, such as skate on the ice. Why not become a season ticket holder, especially since the city that has been deprived of NHL? You get to go to every game, get to see a quality team, and even get a ring! I wouldn’t pass that if I lived in the northwest and if I had the money. The ring might even be able to fool people, that take a quick glance, to think it’s a Chicago Blackhawks ring. I love the pop of color with the feathers on the white background. I would definitely advise you to get one, and you might also see the next Seth Jones (1 overall prospect 4th overall pick by the Nashville Predators) or Ty Rattie (32nd overall pick by the St. Louis Blues).

The Portland Winterhawks are known for their Teddy Bear toss, which gives stuffed animals to local hospitals, so it makes sence the do another awesome promotion. The Teddy Bear toss this year will be on December 14th.

To order you rings and watch the Winterhawks go for their second straight champhionship click the link below

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