San Jose Earthquakes

While in California I got the chance to see the San Jose Earthquakes‘ stadium, which is Santa Clara’s soccer stadium.earthquake glasses Being deprived of a MLS team in St. Louis I jumped at the opportunity. I grew up loving and playing soccer in a city that loves soccer. (54,000 fans for the Real Madrid v. Inter Milan friendly and 48,000 for the Chelsea v. Man City friendly.) The stadium was alright, not particularly suitable for a professional team but that should change when they open the new stadium next year. The Earthquake have also been struggling this year, second to last in the west with only 30 points. To boost fan attendance the Earthquakes are increasing promotions. The first being sunglasses by Alaskan Airlines.  I love the blue that the Earthquake use especially with the black that makes the blue pop. These sunglasses would be great with a black shirt or with any Earthquake gear. Are they worth buying tickets just for them? I would say no. The Earthquakes played it smart with the popular trend of the RayBan but other than that it’s still a cheaper plastic with the Earthquakes’ logo, maybe a $10 value. The next promotion is way better. The Earthquakes scored a goal with this Wondolowski bobbleheadone, a Chris Wondolowski bobblehead. Recently Wondolowski played for the United States Mens National Team (USMNT) netting a hat-trick in one of the games. The funny thing about the hat-trick was the the equipment manager misspelled his name ‘Wondowlowski’. At half Wondo changed jerseys and didn’t score again. Now as a superstition he has the extra W sewn into the inside of his jersey right below the collar.  This is one of my favorite bobbleheads due to the bright blues and the addition of the ball, that actually looks realistic.The ’27’ is not his number but rather his goal total from the 2012 season which earned him the golden booth, which is on his right foot. This is a definite go-to game if you are in town, and also the tickets aren’t that expensive compared to baseball, football, or hockey. The game is Sunday 18th.


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