LA Galaxy

The Los Angeles Galaxy, back to back MLS Cup champions, have been decent so far posting 10 wins, 9 loses, and 4 Landon Donovandraws for a total of 34 points in 24 games. With only 11 games left the Galaxy will have their work cut out for them to remain in playoff position so they can defend the MLS Cup and win their third straight. Averaging 21,764 fans a game attendance shouldn’t be a problem especially with the playoff run coming up and the promotions. For those that do not know most soccer teams don’t offer promotions because of various reasons one being throwing bobbleheads at the goalkeeper.(Kansas City) The Galaxy have already had a Landon Donovan bobblehead day on May 5th against the Houston Dynamo. For American soccer fans Donovan has been a fan favorite especially for his role with the United States Mens National Team (USMNT). As of July 23rd he has 56 goals in 151 appearances, most all time for the United States. Growing up I used to play backyard soccer and Donovan, still with the San Jose Earthquakes,  was always apart of my team because he was my favorite and one of the best, so when I heard about this bobblehead I had to do a review about it. Overall I think this is a fantastic bobblehead. The hairline and facial features are almost if not perfect. The kit is also spot on with the real one. I do have two complaints. The first being I think they should have made the bear thicker like this one. The second being the shoes color. He wears light blue not those black ones. Omar GonzalezThe next bobblehead is of Omar Gonzalez. Here is everything I know about him. He was born in Houston. That’s all I know. I don’t know his stats or position or any other accolades relating to that matter. Maybe if St. Louis had a MLS team I would know more, I digress. From what I just looked up he was part of the last two Los Angeles Galaxy teams which won the championship, a CONCACAF gold medal winner, MLS Rookie of the Year (2009), Defender of the Year(2011), and MLS Cup MVP(2012). Quite a resume! Here is a picture of him so you can compare it to the bobblehead. I think the Galaxy got it just about right. The hair which is challenging because it’s up in the front is a little off. Also the picture is from at least 2 years ago when the Galaxy only had 2 championships but now they have 4, you can tell this by the stars above the logo. The shoes are also almost identical  to the ones that he wears. Both are Landon and Omar have great bobbleheads!

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