Worst MLB Promotions

First of all I would like to thank Paul and Phil from Uni-Watch for having me this past Wednesday. I would also like to thank all the people that came from Uni-Watch and checked out my blog and gave feedback. With school starting up I will try to post as regularly as my schedule lets me, so check back everyday to see if I posted something new. Also if you agree/don’t agree with my opinion tell me in the comments. I will also try not to pick a similar item for the teams, like the various gnomes given away this year. Also I apologize in advance for the weird formatting on the side for some of the teams. What are some of the worst promotions you’ve ever received?



Rivera Certificate

I understand that Mariano Rivera is a class act and that the Angels tried to class it up with this certificate. I don’t like it. To me it seems like a Yankees promotion with Angels colors. He didn’t even play with the Angels so just why?


 Astros Umbrella

Lets just give away an umbrella for a stadium that will never experience a rain delay, unless the roof breaks. Yeah that makes total sense.



I’m a big supporter of the A’s especially with their new found success. I love the A’s colors and the alternate logo, the elephant. The two things I don’t like about the franchise are the stadium and the neighborhood of Oakland. Coming from St. Louis, I think of Oakland as a violent city and giving out glass beer mugs isn’t the best idea. I mean can you imagine angry drunk fans launching glass bottles in the parking lot? I can. Also the lack of consistency kills me. Promote it as ‘Oaktoberfest’ but put Oktoberfest on the glass.

Blue Jays

 Blue Jay Rally Poms I guess in Canada they do rally poms instead of rally towels.  I personally would rather have a towel because these poms are just made out of cheap plastic and come off easly.


 Indians 1973-78 logo I’d like to point out that they Indians don’t have any promotions with their racist mascot, hmmm. Wait, I stand corrected they will be giving away t-shirts with the logo (to the left) out Monday September 2nd. I would strongley urge you to not go. Also if you’d like to chat me about how the Indian is/isn’t racist please feel free to comment of email me at professionalpromotions1@gmail.com


 Ackley Gnome I just don’t like gnomes. There, I said it. Also he looks a little pudgy.


 Orioles Military Shirt BOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can the MLB stop with the flag desecration and camouflage? It’s ridiculous and almost like they are playing dress up.



For non baseball fans this picnic blanket looks like blanket representing the state. In my opinion the Rangers should have had Rangers instead of Texas.


 DJ Kitty Maybe I’m not as “hip” as I think I am. Seriously come on now a DJ Kitty? What is this world coming to. Also the MLB logo is too big on the hat.

 Red Sox

 Are Still Too  Cool To Have Promotions



Yay, Flag Desecration! Said no one ever. Really KC, especially with a WWI museum right down the road. Also your t-shirts aren’t looking that great either.


 wristband_lg  Detroit you’re a great team, show it with great promotions not ones that looks weird. Spongebob half and then Detroit half, it almost looks as bad as the lack of an accurate and developed gradient on the Jaguars helmets.  Why not try and combine them? The flag desecration cooler was a close second.


 Mauer/Morneau Double Bobble

Did you go back into the 90’s and make these? They are so thick and look terrible. The arm about to give a high-five on Maurer looks out of place. Also why would he be looking away from his teammate, if they are friends.

White Sox


How to even more frustrate an already frustrated fan base. But it might also keep them at the game longer so they figure out the cube.


 Air Freshner How to freshen a stinky team. Smells like cleats and used jock straps. But in all seriousness teams go to extreme lengths and smells to get their logo out there.

National League

 Braves  Terrible Braves  It doesn’t even look like him.
 Brewers  Cheater  Cheater Cheater Steroid Eater.
 Cardinals  Fredbird Hat  I love my Cardinals, but this is absolutley ugly. It looks like it’s cheeply sewn together and the feather on the top will fall off as soon as you get it. Good thing all the other Cardinal promotions are fantastic in my mind. Also be on the look out when I review this guy.
 Cubs  cowboyhat  When I think of cowboy hats I think of leather and the wild wild west. Both of those things are not represent in this hat. First of all Chicago is not in the wild west. Secondly the the hat looks like a straw hat in the form of a cowboy hat.
 Diamondbacks  Murica Hat Murica Hat  Because ‘Murica and as ‘muricans we love to desecrate our flags. Can we please stop with these Stars and Stripes?
 Dodgers  promo_909  First time I’ve seen a Hello Kitty promotion in any sports. What makes it even stranger is that it’s presented to all fans. I would understand for the younger fans like 14 and under but to give it to adults is what it puzzling me. I’m also wondering why they didn’t go with the home jersey. I can kind of see that the white from the jersey and Hello Kitty would blend and you wouldn’t know where the neck ends. It’s also missing the iconic red numbers on the font.
 Giants  Wine Stoppers  Because we like to put our announcer’s butt in your wine bottle. The only way this would be cool is if they said something when they were pulled out or put in the bottle.
 Marlins  Terrible Marlins  The one star caliber player that the Marlins have and they reward him with an orange power sleeve.
 Mets  stitch_pitch_lg  I know this is one where you have to buy a special offer but why would you buy it? I don’t think there are that many people that like to knit, like baseball, and like the New York Mets. Personally I wouldn’t buy the special ticket for it. But hey atleast he has his tounge in his mouth.
 Nationals  Nats Shirt  I love t-shirts, but this one is bland to me. It’s really generic. ‘Nationals’ going up on the left side in a generic font and then logo behind it. It’s not even in National colors! Also the logo is very similar to the Walgreens one.
 Padres  Terrible Padres  Why would you give the worst, THE WORST, jersey away? Also it’s not even the HOME it’s the AWAY? I bet it’s part of their new marketing scheme, go to other teams ball parks wearing this jersey to match our jerseys, but don’t come back to Petco.
Phillies  Terrible Phillies  Lets give bats to Philly fans who have been known to be rowdy, from what I heard. Also with Howard supposedly losing his power it’s not the best to give away a wiffle ball set where the ball can only go like 100 feet.
 Pirates  Pirates Shirt  Daughty T-Shirts! Wait I mean AJ Burnett T-Shirts! I mean Daughty. The shirt is still bad no matter who it is.
 Reds  Sports Bracelet  These things died out two years ago. So that means the Reds are two years behind the curve. Also it doesn’t help you have better balance, it’s all in your head.
 Rockies  tshirt_rockies  What are you trying to say Colorado? You’re going to win and lose and then win and lose, so go .500? Hmmmmm. Also you should have included snow.


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2 thoughts on “Worst MLB Promotions

  1. Lets just give away an umbrella for a stadium that will never experience a rain delay, unless the roof brakes (sic). Yeah that makes total sense.

    Second-grade misspelling aside, Houston has a hot, muggy climate. An umbrella would come in mighty handy there.

    Secondly the the hat looks like a straw hat in the form of a cowboy hat

    Again, a floppy straw hat that provides shade is very handy on a hot, sunny day. You know, if you’re sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley…

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