Buzz City

The Charlotte Hornets recently experience a rebirth into the NBA. No there is not an expansion team and no New Orleans is not moving back. Charlotte is taking the name, Hornets, back from New Orleans who moved from Charlotte and then recently changed their name.  In a more simplistic form no one was using the name Hornets so Charlotte decided to use it. The next big thing was the logo. Would Charlotte use the same logo and colors? Unfortunately Charlotte couldn’t use the same logo because of NBA rules, but it looks pretty darn close. They did on the other hand use the same color scheme, which I’m happy about. It’s not that often when a team decides to use Teal and Purple as their main colors. I grew up with the Teal and Purple and actually like it whereas some people like Paul from Uni-Watch cannot stand it. As part of the color and logo ceremony they Hornets also announced “Buzz City” nights. The nights will bring back the enthusiasm, history and uniqueness back to the organization. There will be five nights where the organization gives out something to honor the previous hornets. Buzz-City

The first night December 21st, the same night the logo and colors were revealed, the organization gave away a black long sleeve t-shirt with Buzz City across the chest in the same colors as above. The next night December 25th will be a bobblehead of Muggsy Bogues pictured center. The third night, February 8th, will feature a bobblehead of Dell Curry. The final bobblehead night will be of Kelly Tripucka on March 22nd. I like all the bobbleheads but that might just because I don’t know that much about the NBA. The cool thing about the bobbleheads is the base. When collecting all three the word Hornets appears at the bottom. I don’t know if any other team of any sport has done this. It also makes each more valuable. If you miss one it’s going to cost you a pretty penny for the last one. If you intend on selling you could rack in the pretty penny from people that want to complete the set. The last promotion is a Hornets Themed gift on April 16th. I have no idea what to expect. It could be a key change, a jersey, a basketball, it could be something different for all the guests. It is only for the first 5,000 just like the t-shirt. So if I had to make a bet it would be on a clothing article because the bobbleheads are for the first 10,000.

If I lived in the area I would definitely go for the promotions and not the game because the Bobcats/Hornets aren’t the best team in the league. As always you can reach me at my email Be safe and have a Happy Holiday season.

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