St. Louis Cardinals 2014 Promotions

Major League Baseball starts once again in less than 100 days. Teams have already started selling ticket packages promising one item or the other. As you can see below the Cardinals have multiple packs with multiple promotions. I will do my best to break down each pack.

Cardinals Promotions

NL Champions Pack


     What to expect

 My Thoughts

 Batting Practice Cap with NL Champions Logo    Maybe it’s because I’m a traditionalist or maybe it’s because I’m crazy, but I don’t like the new material hats. I do love the hat design because it’s a throwback to when Musial was playing but the material not so much. Then throwing a patch on the side makes it seem weird. I mean it’s almost an insult because we got so close to the championship.
 NL Champions Ring  I have no idea what it looks like.  Why? Why are we giving a ring out for just winning the NL? I only think it’s acceptable when and only when you win the World Series.
 NL Trophy    I get a box that shows that we didn’t win it all. Great….






1964 World Champions

 1964 World Series Ring   A very tradition ring celebrating the championship over the New York Yankees. My bet would be that this will be giving out against the Yankees. I like it.
 1964 Beer Stein


 How many beer steins have we had in the last few years? Too many. I understand that St. Louis is a beer town but we don’t need to give one out for every occasion.

East Cost Pack

 2004 NL Champions Ring    I mean could you kick us anymore while we’re down? But at least it looks cool. Looks like the 2011 one.

Bobblehead Pack

 Michael Wacha  No  I would be extremely happy if it included Fozzy Bear. If you don’t get the joke I’m sorry for you.
 Jim Edmonds  Images  Please somehow make it of the 2004 catch.
 Jack Buck  For  I expect it to look/be like the Mike Shannon one. With a voice recording and him sitting at the desk. image
 Jose Oquendo  These  I hope they make one of the arms the bobble part so it looks like he’s waving someone home.

Sunday (Funday) Pack

 Molina/Carpenter Silver Slugger Award    One for the best second baseman and one for the best catcher.

Jersey Pack

 Batting Practice Pullover    Pretty simple and straightforward. I’ve heard somewhere that the batting practice jerseys are being updated, so we will see.
 Alternate Molina with Central Division Logo    I like it. I love it. I wish they made them gray and wore them on the road. There I said it. But really I think this will be great. Note the give away jerseys are not chain stitched but rather a logo sewn.
 Kids Wainwright Jersey    I don’t know if it will be a batting practice, home, alternate, or some other kind.
 1964 Gibson Jersey    Please note the 1964 jersey above the S in Cardinals. That will be given away with Gibson’s name and number.
 Patriotic Jersey  WILL NOT POST IMAGE DUE TO FLAG DESECRATION  Seriously? I hope this is like an April Fools joke. Please.
 Home Jersey with NL Champions logo.   Can it get any better than that? Yes, if they didn’t included the stupid patch but other than that no. Pure beauty.

If you have any addition questions, comments, insults, information please leave it in the comment section. Thanks again for reading.

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