Where I’ve Been

As you may have noticed my last post was almost 4 months ago. I’d like to say sorry for the lack of updates because of school. But I’ve done some great things in the last couple of months and hope to post weekly if not daily for the next 6 weeks. While away I got the chance to visit Marlins Park while on Thanksgiving break. It’s been the seventh (eighth if you count the old Busch)  ballpark I’ve visited. Going on the tour I didn’t think I’d like the stadium, the bright green walls, the giant statue out in left center. After the tour I’d say my opinion definitely changed. The modern look inside and the great views had an influence. Marlins ParkThe views were breathtaking. You can see downtown Miami through left center and every seat is a good seat. I also loved the various baseball picture throughout the stadium. Our tour guide said that “they were put up to help locals get a better understanding of the game.” Another cool feature was getting to see  the club rooms.One of the club rooms (blanking on the name) has a glass wall right next to the Marlin’s batting cages, so you can eat and watch them take BP. The one thing I wish I had seen was the bullpens. We didn’t have the chance to go and see them because the field was being prepped for an international friendly. I’d like to thank my tour guide again for the phenomenal tour and the chance to talk briefly about Jon Jay.

As I always do, I purchased a hat.  This time it was the bright orange hat because why not? That makes 8 hats I have from my various escapades to cities and ballparks. Ideas on a stadium to visit?


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